Whether Brands Want Social Media Management or Marketing

Business Marketing

With the rapid rise of Mobile Internet usage in India, a lot of agencies come into the ecosystem, a lot of students decided to make their career in Digital Marketing. All happened in a very short span and the growth was very rapid and the result was digital started overpowering marketing. Right from the Agencies to the Client are talking a language of Digital and not the language of Marketing.

The most concerning issue is that with Social Media, the Industry is getting commodities. You can easily see agencies giving you packages like gold packages, silver packages. They are offering n number of posts on n number of channels. Did anyone ever think how could that happen?

There is the word “Marketing” in social media marketing, which differentiates social media from getting commoditize. We get clients who say, “we want Facebook marketing”, “we want to make post-viral”, we want 10K followers”, “we want to trend on Twitter”. But a lot of time Why is missing, why is overpowered by digital or the digital channels.

There the questions arise, whether brands want Social Media Management or Social Media Marketing. Management gives you customization, whereas Marketing gives you personalization. Social Media Management mindset will tell you, I have ₹50,000 I will try to make the best fit for the client, that’s the wrong way of looking at your solution.

Now we will see the marketing element of Social Media, lets take an example a restaurant approached us says he want to do social media marketing, we asked why, they said because we want to increase footfall, then again we ask why they said because we want to increase profitability. Now either they want to increase revenue through increased footfall or they want to increase profitability is a very interesting question to think about. Afterward, we had a lot of discussions than they said they want to increase profitability. How we can increase their profitability, their shaping of marketing aspect happen. Then we thought about who will be the right kind of customer we should be approaching, a group of students for a party, or would that be a couple coming for the date. 

Agency should evaluate different customer segments to understand which segment would bring profitability not just revenue. It is very important that the agency should shape the mind of clients trying to understand what they actually want.